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Main Paving Services

TC Paving provides quality paving solutions to your pavement requirements.

Paving Contractor

Capable of any pavement installation projects both big & small.

Sealing of Pavements

Pavement Sealing to ensure and increase the longevity of the paved area.

Kerb Installations

Reliable Kerb Installations for residential, commercial & industrial installations.

Paving Patterns

Variety of paving patterns from random bond paving pattern to contrast paving pattern & more…

2D CAD Drawings

Precise 2D CAD Drawings to ensure precision & the best solutions to your paving area.

Design & Layout

Design & layout preparation to ensure professional results to client specification.

More About TC Paving

TC Paving has over 20 years of experience in the paving industry! We pride ourselves in excellent results and meeting our clients requests in the required time. Meeting Deadlines is a priority and we work together to ensure client satisfaction.

Variety of Paving Patterns

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Stretcher Bond Paving Pattern

The simplest offset paving pattern and is also known as a running bond or half bond. The joints are offset by exactly half the width of the paving flag.

This paving pattern is excellent for Garden and Patio Paving.

  • Excellent Technique for Garden Paving.
  • Excellent Technique for Driveways.
  • Excellent Technique for Patio's
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Herringbone Paving Pattern

One gets Herringbone 45º and 90º which are both ideal for areas with vehicle traffic. Herringbone 45° will bring focus to the area because of the busy looking pattern and can bring the illusion of the paved area looking smaller than it really is.90° is more subdued in appearance and will make the area look larger.

  • Herringbone Paving Pattern is ideal for areas with heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Herringbone Paving Pattern can be used for any paving installation.
  • Herringbone Paving Pattern reduces the possibility of movement of the paving blocks.
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Basket Weave Paving Pattern

The name “basket weave” refers to the way that “strands” of brick seemingly disappear under other bricks that they meet perpendicularly, then become visible again on the other side.

  • It is the same pattern used to weave baskets.
  • It is composed using pairs of bricks.
  • It is a continuous horizontal and vertical rotation of bricks.
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Stock Bond Paving Pattern

Stack bond’ designs are often used where a path forms a straight line which limits or eliminates the need for cutting the pavers to fit the width. One needs to take into consideration the size of the area, traffic and weight the pavement has to withstand.

  • Excellente paving pattern to use around pools.
  • Works well for driveways and walkways.
  • A Paving Pattern that visually looks very good.
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Running Bond Paving Pattern

Bricks are butted end to end with joints that fall in the middle of the brick on the next row. One of the sturdiest and easiest patterns to install, running bond only requires minimal cutting at each end and will easily follow a gentle curve.

  • Similar to the stack bond paving pattern.
  • Creates a more varied look that's visually appealing.
  • Bricks are stacked so that they overlap length wise.
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Random Bond Paving Pattern

Different sizes of blocks laid at random. It is important to avoid cross joints which can draw the eye to a specific point in the design. Block paving is ideally suited to this type of driveway pattern.

  • This paving pattern allows for a wide variety of designs.
  • Greater number of laying patterns to choose from.
  • Creates simple to stunning driveway patterns.
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Contrast Paving Pattern

Contrasting materials can be mixed for a special effect. Materials may contrast in texture but have colours bearing a close resemblance to each other. They may differ in colour but have a similar size, shape, and surface. The emphasis might be on blending materials into a pattern.

  • Combining textures and colours for unique styles.
  • More visually satisfying and able to create more variance in style.
  • Especially effective to bringing plain masonry to life


We at TC Paving have the experience and the ability to take on a wide range of projects both big and small. We pride ourselves in providing excellent and quality results in all our projects.

Commercial Paving

Industrial Paving

Residential Paving

TC Paving

Our Products & Capacity

TC Paving has the ability and facilities to pave commercial areas quickly and efficiently according to specification with a wide range of styles and techniques to choose from.

Industrial areas need quality paving that can withstand heavy weights and high traffic which we are more than capable of doing. We have the skill to provide guaranteed reliable quality paving for industrial areas.

Shopping Centres usually have a high level of traffic, therefore you need the expertise to be able to provide the correct techniques and patterns which will be able to withstand the high volume of traffic which lies directly in our field of expertise.

Whether it is for a walkway, your driveway or for the pool areas, we are able to create the style and technique of your choice to create a mesmerising garden and that perfectly falls in with your houses design.

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Paving is our Life...

Having over 20 years of experience in the paving industry it gives us an advantage of being able to solve problems and plan design and layouts of areas both big and small in a quick and efficient manner.


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